“#2 The Captain Derek Jeter”

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Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter

September 9, 2014 Louisville, KY. (Analyzed Sports)

“2 The Captain Derek Jeter”

True baseball legends are few and far between.  Derek Jeter is such a legend.  The Captain of the New York Yankees.  The best shortstop since Ozzie Smith, or Cal Ripken Jr.  Derek Jeter is a 5-Time World Series Champion.  He started at a young age, and played his whole career in New York. The 14-Time All-Star is known as a great hitter.  He has over 3,000 hits.  A good base runner, and an all around leader.  Derek Jeter has done it all, from clutch catches to big home-runs in key moments.  In this, his last season since announcing his retirement, he has not disappointed.  Who could forget the World Series plays that gave him the nickname Mr. November? One of the greatest players to grace the major leagues.  #2 has shown class and earned respect on and off the baseball diamond.  As he completes his go around, all true baseball fans have come out to show their appreciation for the way he played and his integrity to the game.  The Yankee Captain will be a sure, first ballot Hall of Famer and will take his place with the other Yankee greats, such as Babe Ruth #3, Lou Gehrig #4, Yogi Berra #8, Joe Dimaggio #5, and Mickey Mantle #7.  Now as we say good-bye to one of the true legends in the game of baseball, I to tip my cap to the one & only New York Yankee Captain #2 Derek Jeter!

Derek Jeter

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