YMCA Champions – Louisville Buckeyes 5-6 year olds

Coach Pearson & Louisville Buckeyes

Coach Pearson & Louisville Buckeyes

Louisville Buckeyes win 5-6 year old YMCA Championship

Here are your undefeated 5-6 year old YMCA league champions the Louisville Buckeyes.  The Louisville Buckeyes are coached by Coach Pearson.  They had an unblemished record of 7-0.  If you wasn’t at Barrett Middle School on Saturday Mornings to see this team in action you missed a treat. This team defended well and play an uptempo style of basketball.  They were a scrappy team and led the league in steals, deflections, and rebounding. Not only did they play great Defense, they also led the league in scoring and assists.  During one of the earlier season games they scored a YMCA record of 63 points in a game.  Before games you could often hear the passion of the team when they did their chants of, “Ask’em if they want some tell they can get some” Want some Get Some Want Some Get Some.  They also could be heard after each win chanting. When I say Louisville you say Buckeyes, LOUISVILLE, BUCKEYES, LOUISVILLE BUCKEYES.

Coach Pearson would leave them with this chant “WHERE THE CHAMPS AT! The team would scream RIGHT HERE!  This will be a special bunch in the years to come if they stay together.  Champs they are indeed.

I see you Louisville Buckeyes.

Congratulations to the Louisville Buckeyes from the staff @ Analyzed Sports.

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