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May 21, 2014 Louisville, KY. 

1 <strong>Cleveland </strong> Cleveland Jabari Parker Fr.
2 <strong>Milwaukee</strong> Milwaukee Andrew Wiggins Fr.
3 <a href=''  title='Heat receive Sixers 2014 first-round pick. Top 14 protected in 2014 and 2015 or extinguished.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Philadelphia</strong></a> *Philadelphia  Joel Embiid Fr.
4 <strong>Orlando</strong> Orlando Julius Randle Intl.
5 <strong>Utah</strong> Utah Dante Exum Fr.
6 <a href=''  title=' '  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Boston</strong></a> *Boston Aaron Gordon Fr.
7 <strong>LA Lakers</strong> LA Lakers Marcus Smart So.
8 <strong>Sacramento</strong> Sacramento Doug McDermott Sr.
9 <a href=''  title='Hornets receive Detroit&#039;s first round pick.(top 8 protected in 2014 and 2015, unprotected in 2016)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Charlotte</strong></a> *Charlotte Noah Vonleh Fr.
10 <a href=''  title='Sixers receive Pelicans 2014 first-round pick. Top 5 protected 2014-2019 or 2nd rounder in 2020.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Philadelphia</strong></a> *Philadelphia Gary Harris So.
11 <a href=''  title='Nuggets receive the Knicks&#039; 2014 first-round pick.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Denver</strong></a> *Denver Zach LaVine Fr.
12 <a href=''  title='Magic receive Nuggets 2014 first round pick (or Knicks pick, whichever is less favorable)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Orlando</strong></a> *Orlando Nik Stauskas So.
13 <a href=''  title='Suns receive Timberwolves 2014 first-round pick. Top 13 protected in 2014, Top 12 in 2015 and 2016, or 2nd rounder in 2016 and 2017'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Minnesota</strong></a> *Minnesota Dario Saric Intl.
14 <a href=''  title='Hawks have right to swap 2014 first round picks with Nets.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Phoenix</strong></a> *Phoenix Rodney Hood So

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