Calipari to the Lakers?

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May 2, 2014 Louisville, KY

My number one text message received yesterday was “Do you think Calipari will leave UK for the Lakers? My number one response to the question was “No”  Let’s please move on from this. I understand many would like to see Calipari leave UK, but please take the man for his word when he says:

Screenshot 2014-05-02 at 2.35.20 AM

Well those are words that don’t mean anything right.  Right says one text message.  We heard it all before when these coaches say one thing and then turn around and do another.  Hello Nick Saban, Charlie Strong and Mr. Bobby Petrino.  Remember John Calipari when he accepted the job at UK, Didn’t he say he loved his job at Memphis only to leave later for the Kentucky job in 2009?  The answer is yes, but that was a little different from his situation now.  Calipari is actually scheduled for surgery tomorrow on his hip, plus he just hired an assistant coach yesterday to fill the vacancy left by Orlando Antigua.  Some more words to decipher I guess.

Screenshot 2014-05-02 at 2.49.09 AM

Is John Calipari so cut throat, he would hired an assistant to his staff and then turn around and leave that same assistant for the NBA?  Where’s the common sense people? Another text message pops up in the inbox talking about how Cal would leave if the money the Lakers offered him was right. Will Calipari listen if the Lakers called? Absolutely!  If the Lakers offered 30 million a year or some other outrageous number then I would have to agree with this point.  Hey I would call John up myself and tell him he has to go with that type of money on the table.  I still believe he stays and I will allow Coach Calipari to explain in his own words why he would stay.  Have a listen.

Somewhere Michael Wilbon is thinking his prediction of Cal to the NBA still has a chance.

Wilbon, not this year. Try again next year and maybe you’ll be right that time around.

Until then, Watch Calipari take care of Unfinished Business at the college level next season.

On to the next text message.




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  1. Yeah, I believe if he didn’t have such an elite team next season it would be a different story. He has a REAL chance of getting another title next season. If he lost the twins,Johnson and WCS I think he’d be coaching in the NBA. Frankly I hope he stays at UK because if he went to Lakers I’d have to root for him….and I certainly don’t want to do that.