Dallas Cowboys trade Tony Romo?

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Tony Romo Trade
Tony Romo Sketch - Photo Credit: Jack Kurzenknabe
Trade Tony Romo
Tony Romo Sketch – Photo Credit: Jack Kurzenknab Louisville, KY. (Analyzed Sports)

What’s the Future for Tony Romo?

As Jason Garrett and the Dallas Cowboys prepare for a Super Bowl run in nearly over two decades, Cowboys Nation was left with two burning questions after watching a meaningless 27-13 defeat to the Eagles. Will the Dallas Cowboys win Super Bowl LI this year?  Should the Dallas Cowboys trade Tony Romo this upcoming off-season?

Tony Romo was under center for the first time since Thanksgiving of the 2015 season. Romo was brilliant in his only drive of the game. He completed 75 percent of his passes, while capping the drive off with a 3-yard touchdown pass to Terrence Williams.  It was beautiful to watch.

Tony Romo Touchdown against the Philadelphia Eagles – Why Trade Tony Romo?


Mark Sanchez performance shows need for Tony Romo 

Tony Romo was replaced on the very next drive with Mark Sanchez.  Sanchez would go on to finish the game with 89 yards passing, completing 9 out of 17 attempts with two interceptions.  This was a horrendous performance by Mark Sanchez.  After watching a performance like that, Jerry Jones would need to do whatever it takes to keep Tony Romo from being traded from Dallas in the off-season. It will be very difficult to try and convince the 36 year old Romo. The franchise record holding quarterback is signed until 2019 and will be due 24 million plus in the 2017 season.

“Ultimately you’re going to be defined by what you do on Sunday, but in my experience if you’re not doing it throughout the week, Sunday is going to be difficult,” Tony Romo said. “I feel like I’ve been practicing well and I just wanted to prove to myself and prove to the coaches and teammates that I can be the same guy.”

It seems like a trade with Tony Romo is inevitable for the Dallas Cowboys. Tony truly feels he can still be a starting quarterback in the National Football League. Should the Dallas Cowboys trade Tony Romo?  It remains to be seen, but after watching his Week 17 return against the Philadelphia Eagles, I can’t see Romo being a backup quarterback to anyone, or calling it a career after this season.   What do you think Cowboys Nation?

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