Derek Anderson’s Stamina Basketball Camp- Getting Back To Basics

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Charron Elliott: Louisville, KY

Stop Dribbling and Stop Traveling

Have you ever been to your local YMCA for a game of pickup basketball? Well even if you haven’t you’re probably familiar with stories of the older men in the gym with the goggles who probably look out of shape, yet still get buckets often times on the simplest of plays (ball fake, layup, bank shot, jab step). You probably wonder why that is, more than likely it’s because someone probably taught them the fundamentals of basketball and on top of that they know they aren’t as athletic as they used to be anymore so they rely more on outsmarting their opponents.

What I learned from former NBA Champion and Kentucky Wildcats’ basketball¬†legend, Derek Anderson, yesterday is simple basketball is all mental. “These players today are always looking to dribble..No one uses the ball fake or jab step anymore,” said Anderson about the new era of basketball. He believes that it is all due to lack of coaching and players being allowed to freestyle on the offensive end, looking for the next great Sports Center clip.

DA, through his Stamina Basketball Foundation is focused on teaching kids the fundamentals as well as being better prepared for the game mentally. “I’m going to coach one day but I have to get these players back to smart basketball first! We have players that travel more than airlines,” said Anderson on today’s game. As someone who covers the NBA and watches a ton of basketball, I couldn’t agree more that players get away with a lot of traveling violations now more than ever. With that being said his basketball camps are starting as early as June 12th and would be a great way for young players to get the basketball knowledge they need to get ahead of the competition.

Derek Anderson's Stamina Basketball Camp- Getting Back To Basics
Camp Flyer

Below are Some of the highlights from Analyzed Sports’ time with the Stamina Basketball Foundation yesterday. ¬† Visit the Instagram Page for videos at officialanalyzedsports

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