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photo via-i86.photobucket
photo via-i86.photobucket

May 1, 2014 Louisville, KY

The Moment is quickly approaching.  Saturday May 3rd boxing fans everywhere will be waiting to see Floyd Mayweather Jr win # 46 against the hard-hitting champion Marcos Maidana.  This is not a fight were boxing fans across the country can show up right before the main event. This is not a regular under-card. The moment Mayweather vs Maidana is Mega Event, with 3 main events as the undercard.   I know it’s Derby Kentucky, but this is event is major for the city of Las Vegas.  Throw some meat on the grill, get your popcorn ready and have fun in “The Moment”

Screenshot 2014-05-01 at 5.57.21 PM

Have a look at the press conference from the 3 main event fights under Mayweather vs Maidana.

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